Local Network Offline

Local Network Offline simply means that either your smartphone or your EFXTM Device are not connected to the same local network (i.e. same router). For the Music and Microphone icons and features to appear in our App, both your smartphone and the EFXTM Device must be connected to the same local network (i.e. same router). However, if the Cloud is Online, you can still select color, run functions, and set timers for your EFXTM Device remotely (anywhere you have internet access).

Picture of local network offline

Local Network Offline Troubleshooting Tips:

On your smartphone, go to Settings and make sure it is not in Airplane Mode or that your Wi-Fi is turned off.

Check that the EFXTM is plugged in and is in Wi-Fi range of your router. Note that some outlets are connected to an electrical wall switch; if that is the case either turn the switch on or consider moving the power supply to an outlet that has constantly powered.

If so, this may mean that your EFXTM Device is in factory default mode and needs to be connected to your router (i.e. local area network’s Wi-Fi).

Occasionally the DHCP Server in your router that is responsible for handing out IP addresses, goes awry. Try rebooting your router. If your router does not have an on and off switch, unplug it for 5 seconds and then plug it in again.