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About Us



Using a simple innovative, EFX™ Imagery provides a new type of print that is visually dynamic and eye-catching. With the ability to control the perceived colors of the ink at targeted locations in your advertisement, you might never go back to static prints again.

EFX™ Imagery is a Business to Business (B2B) company. We are a business unit of Toy Wonders, Inc. who has been in the the toy distribution business since 1983. We are privately held & family owned an operated company located in Moonachie, NJ (at former headquarters of Matchbox International). With three generations of experience, the products we market have found their way into thousands of retail locations.

After receiving three (3) x US Utility patents on an invention that allows the perceived colors of ink to change on a print, we made an educated guess that people in the advertising & printing business would find practical applications for this innovation. In 2019 we started a new business unit called EFX™ Imagery to pursue this hypothesis.

EFX™ Imagery was formed based on the premise that: 

  1. Dynamic imagery is more eye-catching than static imagery.
  2. Ink on media will continue to be one of the most cost effective and viable ways to convey imagery and branding. 



efx imagery mission and vision

EFX™ Imagery’s mission is to deliver innovative technologies and eye-catching prints to other businesses. We envision that one day EFX™ Imagery’s technologies and color change prints will find its way into select businesses and public squares throughout the world. 

efx imagery reimagines business process

We know we have some hurdles to cross, because this print innovation requires the business processes of producing printed advertisements to be reimagined. Now, instead of asking,  "When we go to print, what color should the dress or shade of lip stick be?"; The new questions are:

  • What colors should that dress or lips stick be shown in?
  • How many different colors do we want to show?
  • Do we want to instantly switch colors or fade to the new color?
  • If we are to fade to the new color, how much time should we allot for the color transition?
  • Do we want the title or logo to change in color?
  • Do we want to strobe that color or keep the color steady?
  • How long should should each color be shown for before it changes to another color?
  • Do we want to run this color pattern every day or just on certain days?




Our EFX™ App makes it easy to change the perceived color of objects on the printed media. Watch as your one static print changes dynamically all with the tap of a finger in your smart device. Take a look at the videos to see how each print dynamically changes and creates an eye-catching image using EFX™ technology.


This brand new technology is backed by three (3) US Utility Patents. 
“Bryce Canyon Sunrise” by Robbie Shade, Flickr is licensed under CC by 2.0