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EFX makes cutting edge print technology. We can take an ordinary image and through our patented process it becomes dynamic color changing art. You can control the print colors via remote or the EFX app. 


We take ordinary posters and prints to the next level, by integrating their colors to your home or business, have them react to your voice or timer. In the age of smart devices why should framed art be left behind? 


EFX Imagery offers am enourous selection of art, advertisisment, and even allows you to submit your own custom images. After we evaluate the your art's compatibility with our technology, we then produce custom art or prints that will enhance any space. At EFX we seek to enhance existing artwork and make it something not just beautiful, but unique. We strive to make art the focal point of any space whether it be retail, gallery, or in a living room. No matter where you place EFX frames, EFX art will be the center of attention!