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EFX AC Power Adapter 12Ft Extension Cord

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  • Extension cord accommodates both 2.1 x 5.5mm and 2.5 x 5.5mm plugs.
  • Compatible with 24V, 9V, and 12V AC adaptors. Must not exceed 3A of current load.
  • 12ft long extention cable is flexible and easy to connect and intall around walls, floors, ect.
  • The cable is compatible with LED lights, survailance cameras, displays, printers, sensors, DVRs, hard drives, laptops and many other devices that require DC input.
  • High quality pure copper core with great corrosion and oxidation resistance as well as overheat protected rubber joints protects your devices and surrounding artifacts.


Extension is suitable for any device that has a 2.1x5.5mm and 2.5x5.5mm plug.


The cord is protected by an adequate insulation layer that is also flexible to make installation of the cord easier around wall corners.

Add more length

12 ft of extra charging length to charge handheld devices or power household items.

Extremely durable

Safe and reliable cord is heat resistant and provides and added length of power wherever needed.